Goobazaar LMBENZ-6M Extension Radio & Power Cable for Benz E3080E ES3069C ES5080E

Item condition: New
Model: LMBENZ-6M
Shipping Weight: 1.5 kg
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  • Marke Price: US$41.00
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If your car has a fiber-optic amplifier/sound system such as Harman-Kardon or Bose, just buy this Extension Power& Radio Cable to install, then this unit will work with your car speaker directly, factory optic fiber WON’T work again.

Please inform us for our which one Car DVD Player you buy this product in order or in payment, this is very important, we need to confirm if they are compatible before sending to avoid any trouble.


Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Celik (2019-04-29 14:22:19)  from  Germany
  • Hello,for Goobazaar LMBENZ-6M a 2din Radio, which works from your homepage. My Car is a Benz ML W163 from 2003. Thanks, best regards

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2019-05-04 19:46:02)

  • hello, pls send email to, our technician will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2018-09-09 13:16:16)  from  Italy
  • will this Goobazaar LMBENZ-6M Extension Radio & Power Cable fit to asure w211 autoradio?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-09-11 03:19:14)

  • Hello, pls send email to, our technician will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    J-Christophe (2017-12-25 18:03:51)  from  France
  • Hello, is this prodcut compatible with the goobazaar ES2507B Thank you

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2017-12-25 18:17:46)

  • hello, the ES2507B can not use the LMBENZ-6m, it can use the KGLBENZ-6m :)

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2017-02-01 03:21:46)  from  Italy
  • Hello and t it compatible for the car radio 4501BGF for w211. thank you

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2017-02-05 23:17:14)

  • for ES4501B , please choose KGLBENZ-6M . thanks .


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