Goobazaar ES345 Mobile HD DVB-T Box for Android 7.1/6.0/5.1 OS Car GPS System

Item condition: Refurbished
Model: ES345
Shipping Weight: 0.35 kg
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  • Marke Price: US$65.00
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Please inform us for our which one Car DVD Player you buy this product in order or in payment, this is very important, we need to confirm if they are compatible before sending to avoid any trouble.

This our newest only one design and adopt the most advanced DTV input Platform, it has one special adapter Cable which can be connected to this series unit directly to achieve touch operation, and the connected unit can power on this Mobile HD DVB-T Box directly.



This is the latest HD DVB-T Box which support not only the MPEG-2, but also MPEG-4/HDTV/H.264/DVB-T signal.

Operating Temperatuer : -10~ +50
Power Supply : DC +12V~24V±10%
Power consumption: Running : 4.5Max
Product size: 75(L)*72(W)*29(H)
Net weight: 0.35kg
Gross weight: 0.5 kg




Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 5
    Unregistered User (2018-10-26 03:15:04)  from  Italy
  • Hi! Otherwise, what models are compatible with ES8841U? Because this ES345 sold out. Thank you.

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-10-29 07:53:06)

  • you can check ES338, and you need ES338-KL for ES8841, pls send email to, they will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Williams (2018-08-22 00:57:32)  from  France
  • Bonjour, le modèle ES345 est-il compatible avec le ES3067B Goobazaar Android 5.1 ? Cordialement.

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-08-22 08:33:46)

  • no, it wonot, if you want to buy DVB box, pls send email to, technician will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    bela (2018-05-25 00:14:32)  from  Romania
  • the anternas must be mounted inside or outside

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-05-27 19:09:56)

  • hello, you can mount the antenna at the good signal place, no matter inside or outside.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Javier Vallina (2018-02-28 12:29:52)  from  Andorra
  • Me gustaría saber si dvb-t box es345 es compatible con goobazaar ES5911V sería para usar en España gracias

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-03-04 19:10:57)

  • hello, the ES5911 is not built in the tv function, it can not use tv box ES345 . hope is ok for you :)

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2018-01-24 05:42:47)  from  Italy
  • Is this compatable with ES5718V

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-01-24 18:09:00)

  • hello, the ES5718 can use tv box ES255, it can not use ES345 .

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