Goobazaar ES076 Universal Video Decoder for VW original Camera

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Model: ES076
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For some VW Cars, it has built-in original car rear view camera, and normally it is not compatible with the DVD player on the market,you can check this,

But with our this Video decoder, this problem is totally solved,

This is a universal adapter,It is compatible not just with our DVD Player, other models on the market also ok.


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  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2018-10-27 15:11:34)  from  Italy
  • Hi there, does this 'Goobazaar ES076 Universal Video Decoder for VW original Camera' come with an adapter plug to connect to the 'ES7900V' unit? Many thanks, Franziska

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-10-29 08:02:26)

  • it conpatible with ES7900, but you need check if your car can connect with it .

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2013-09-22 13:51:31)  from  Italy
  • You cannot connect the camera reverse goobazaar es786v

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2013-09-30 07:58:01)

  • Thanks for your inquiry. For the connection, please just feel free to contact

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2012-04-18 18:29:55)  from  Italy
  • bonjour j'ai acheté cet Universal Video Decoder pour ma sharan 2011 je l'ai branché mais je n'ai pas d'image sur mon autoradio Goobazaar ES968V pouvez vous m'expliquer comment le brancher exactement. j'ai bien branché le gros fil sur camera in de l'autoradio,le fil jaune sur power + je pense que le noir est la masse mais la rouge je ne sais pas. merci d'avance

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2012-04-19 06:10:39)

  • Sorry for this, it must be the wrong connection,we have sent detail method to your box,just check please


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