Goobazaar ES021 5" 4.3" GPS Sun Shade Visor Anti-Glare

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Model: ES021
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This product is of superior of blocking the light, helping you solve the problem of the GPS navigation in the reflective, unclear looking under the bright light.

It can make your driving ease, no longer worry about not clear navigation routes, 300 lumens of light can be reduced by it,

so that navigation under the bright light can be still clearly showed with the non-reflective. It can be used for 4.3” - 5” GPS
For safety, do not install while driving.
 key Features:
 - Blocking the light, reducing 300 lumens of light
 - Flight streamline design, elegant appearance
 - It can be used for 4.3”-5.0” GPS navigation and similar portable digital products
 - Easy to install and removal, solid and reliable
 - Non-toxic, tasteless, can be recycled, in line with international standards for environmental protection


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