ES288 7 LED Night Vision Car Rear View Camera IR

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Model: ES288
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   Key Feature:

- Automotive imaging for safe and easy driving
- High Definition
- 7 Infrared LED Night Vision
- Reversing Guard Line function
- 6m Length RCA Video Cable
- Portable, Waterproof, Anti shock
- Anti high Temperature and Humidity
- 28mm Hole Saw as gift


Please inform us for our which one Car DVD Player you buy this product in order or in payment, this is very important, we need to confirm if they are compatible before sending to avoid any trouble.

Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 4
    New Customer (2013-04-12 23:11:12) 
  • Can this be set up to be used at all times, not just when reversing?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2013-04-15 02:59:41)

  • Thanks for your inquiry. It depends on the car monitor in your car. If your car monitor support such settings, then no problem. For further info, please contact

  • Question & Feedback 4
    WALTON (2013-04-11 18:02:51)  from  United Kingdom
  • I have purchased ES1526P If i fit the camera where and how do I connect it to the 12v supply ?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2013-05-07 03:49:13)

  • Thanks for your inquiry.Connect the car dvd player Back car control cable to your car back light positive pole, and connect the CAM IN cable from rearview camera to your car dvd player.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2012-09-21 05:45:48)  from  Italy
  • Ello, Does the camera work in conjuction with "Goobazaar ES748GBP HD? Best regards.

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2012-09-22 02:21:50)

  • thank you for your inquiry.Yes,ES288 can fit ES748.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2012-06-06 17:16:30)  from  Italy
  • Hello, where do I need to sonnect the power cable, anywhere ? Reverse gear? Thank you

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2012-06-08 09:10:29)

  • Thanks for your enquiry, yes, you just need to connect it to the 12v Power,then all ok

  • Question & Feedback 4
    New Customer (2012-05-09 08:16:14)  from  Italy
  • Does the camera work in conjuction with "Goobazaar ES996D 7 Audio Player GPS DVB-T(MPEG-4&MPEG-2)"? If yes, can you confirm that the quality of the picture is the same of the one in the photogallery during the day?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2012-05-11 03:48:00)

  • Thanks for your enquiry,yes,of course it is compatible with our ES996D unit,yes,all the same as the picture shows

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